Valuing Nature Annual Conference 2017 - Presentations & Activities

Day 1 - Wednesday 18 October

Welcome and and Update from the Valuing Nature Programme  Video
Professor Rosie Hails, Head of Valuing Nature Programme Coordination Team, CEH

Keynote: Valuing Nature and the Sustainable Development Goals  Video

Dame Professor Georgina Mace, University College London

Deep Dive Sessions
Session A:   Health & Wellbeing: Nature and health: What do we know, what do we need to know, and how do we get there?

Session B:   Tipping Points: Understanding values for ecosystem stocks and tipping points

Day 2 - Thursday 19 October

Interactive Sessions 
Session C:   Demystifying Health - Contribute to the Valuing Nature Demystifying Health publication

Session D:   Economic valuation in practice - Share practical experiences of economic valuation

Session E:   Communication / co-production - Moving from communications to co-production – what works when working with mixed stakeholder groups?

Session F:   Adaptation to climate change - Adaptation to climate change: language, metrics, people

Session G:   Business challenges - Valuing nature and business – what am I really thinking?

Presentation Sessions 
Session H:   Health & Wellbeing - Understanding the role of the environment across our diverse society

Session I:    Arts - Exploring arts-based engagements with valuing nature

Session J:    Valuation - Interdisciplinary and applied valuation: with a focus on the natural sciences

Session K:   Landscape - Shaping future decisions for people and nature

Session L:   Urbanscape - Natural capital accounts and local applications

Session M:  Seascape - Valuation and participatory approaches to marine planning

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Activities: Experience, play, contribute

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Valuing Nature Conference 2017