Valuing Nature Business Round Tables

The Valuing Nature Programme in collaboration with UK Research and Innovation has held High-Level Sector Round Tables with three key sectors: infrastructure, land management and insurance / financial services. 

The purpose of each Round Table was to:

  • review current activity in each sector relating to measuring and valuing natural assets
  • understand barriers and challenges to measuring and valuing natural assets in the sector
  • identify knowledge gaps and research and innovation needs for the sector

A comprehensive series of reports reflecting the findings from the Round Table activity is being prepared. The first two of these reports are now published, together with the  background papers prepared for each Round Table, and available to download:

The third report will follow shortly and will be made available for download here:

  • RT3: Valuing and measuring natural assets for insurance / financial services

A fourth report provides an overview of the findings of the three Round Tables, draws out cross-sector commonalities and differences, and proposes options to address the identified research and innovation needs. This report will be available shorlty for download here:

  • Analysis and Options Paper: Towards a natural assets research and innovation agenda in support of UK business and policy, focusing on the infrastructure, land management and insurance / financial services sectors