Keynote Lecture Series

The Valuing Nature Keynote Lecture Series is organised by Programme Coordination Team member Professor Michael Winter to explore themes and ideas associated with the concepts of Valuing Nature. Distributed across the UK, lectures of 45 minutes are followed by a panel discussion and then discussions are opened up to delegates in a Q&A session.

Keynote Lectures 

10 June 2020

Nicola Beaumont from Plymouth Marine Laboratory 

Lecture Title: The good, the bad and the unexpected of interdisciplinary endeavour

Online Webinar

4 December 2019

Sue Hartley from York Environmental Sustainability Institute

Lecture Title: Managing agricultural landscapes sustainably: balancing production with benefits for people and nature

Location: The Wesley Euston Hotel & Conference Venue, London

21 January 2019

James Bullock from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Lecture Title: Learning from history: re-constructing changes in natural capital over the last century

Location: The Wesley Euston Hotel & Conference Venue, London

3 December 2018

Andrew Lovett from the University of East Anglia

Lecture Title: Incorporating the value of nature into assessments of future energy pathways

Location:  Friends House, London

20 February 2018

Paula Harrison from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 

Lecture Title: Understanding linkages between biodiversity and ecosystem services for exploring the impacts of environmental change 

Location:  Friends House, London

11 January  2018  

Sian Sullivan from Bath Spa University,  

Lecture Title: Making nature investable? Considering some outcomes of coupling 'nature' with 'capital'   

Location: University of Exeter

6th September 2017   

Tom Oliver from Reading University     

Lecture Title: An optimist’s guide to managing ecosystem services   

Location: Greenwich University, London

3rd July 2017     

Richard Gunton from Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus (CECAN)

Lecture Title: Beyond Ecosystem Services and Natural Capital: Valuing the Invaluable 

Location: University of Edinburgh 

22nd September 2016 

Paul Jepson from the University of Oxford

Lecture Title: Rewilding and the Uplands - London

Location: Defra at Nobel House, London