Natural England & Valuing Nature webinar - Accounting for National Nature Reserves

Tuesday 11 June, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM 

Valuing Nature and Natural England joint webinar on the recent publication: 

Accounting for National Nature Reserves: A Natural Capital Account of the National Nature Reserves managed by Natural England

The webinar featured a short introduction and a presentation followed by an opportunity for questions. We were pleased to have Ruth Waters, Deputy Chief Scientist, Principal Specialist Ecosystem Approach and Natural Capital, and Tim Sunderland, Economics Principal Specialist, both from Natural England as speakers with a short introduction from Ece Ozdemiroglu, Founder & Manager Directoror of eftec, Economics of the Environment Consultancy.

Natural England Reports


A Natural Capital Account of the National Nature Reserves managed by Natural England. Executive summary.Natural England has published new research on an emerging field of natural capital accounting, highlighting that Natural Nature Reserves managed by Natural England provide benefits of £36 million per annum, and are of economic value to local communities and society. These benefits include health benefits, flood alleviation, pollination, water and air quality.


Natural Capital Accounts (NCAs) are a way of organising information about the natural environment to inform economic decision making. NCAs go further than traditional accounts because they place an economic value on non-market environment benefits e.g. benefit of recreation provided by rural areas.  Download the Executive Summary 


In this report, Natural England (NE) demonstrate an innovative approach to Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) that documents the full range of benefits that the NNRs provide. NE have built on their ground-breaking Natural Capital Indicators report and sought to understand:

  • the state of NE assets;
  • what ecosystem services they provide;
  • what the benefits are,
  • and the economic value of the benefits

Download the Full Report