Valuing Nature Annual Conference 2017

In addition to presentations, panel discussions and posters the second Valuing Nature Annual conference also provided extra opportunities for sharing experiences and for active participation to help develop understanding and build connections so that we can all tackle challenges more effectively.

Final Programme

LINK to Conference Outputs

This 2-day conference gave over 200 delegates the opportunity to:

  • Catch up on UK and international research findings and innovative applications of Valuing Nature approaches 
  • Participate in interactive sessions with freedom to think creatively and critically about Valuing Nature and learn and share experiences
  • Help shape the future Valuing Nature agenda for research and application in the UK and internationally – contribute to the discussions
  • Showcased new findings, tools and communications
  • Experience demos, and enjoy the films in the Cinema.

Attendees the event said this is the only meeting that brings together researchers with people working to apply valuation concepts. 

"Diverse content appealed to diverse community with an opportunity to learn about different perspectives and appliations - 8/10."
"Wide range of presentations...Good balance of interaction and passive learning - 9/10." 

LINK to Conference Outputs