Valuing Nature Annual Conference 2017 - Posters


Valuing Nature Projects

1. WetlandLIFE: Taking the bite out of wetlands. Mosquito monitoring to support wetland expansion

   for human wellbeing - Tim Acott, University of Greenwich

2. CoastWEB: valuing the contribution which COASTal habitats make to human health and WEllBeing
    with a focus on the alleviation of natural hazards - Nicola Beaumont, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

3. Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature (IWUN) - 1 year in.
   Anna Jorgensen, University of Sheffield

4. Green Infrastructure to promote health and wellbeing in an ageing population (GHIA)
    Sarah Lindley, University of Manchester

5. Identifying potential tipping points in the benefits derived from the UK’s land ecosystems.
   Greg Smith, University of Exeter

6. Poole Harbour: Defining trends, thresholds and tipping points in transitional aquatic ecosystems.
    Stephen Watson, University of Bournemouth

7. Understanding Ecosystem Stocks and Tipping Points in UK blanket peatlands
   Dylan Young, University of Leeds

Valuing Nature Placements
8. Engaging business with the post Brexit Natural Capital approach
    Colm Bowe, Liverpool John Moores University

9. Addressing the influence of human values on selective investment in conservation priorities
    Thomas Davies, University of Exeter

10. Identifying evidence needs for modelling and valuing aquaculture potential in marine plan areas
     Sofia C. Franco, Newcastle University

11. Enhancing wellbeing: Can engaging with nature in the school grounds improve children’s
     wellbeing and mood? Deborah Harvey, Royal Holloway University of London

12. Linking ecosystems within national health strategies on antimicrobial resistance
     Graziella Iossa, University of Lincoln

13. Sharing Stories, Sharing Collections: Valuing Biodiversity in Wales
     Poppy Nicol, Cardiff University

14. Body, brain and mind: the well-being benefits of urban wetlands
     Jonathan Reeves, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

15. Developing indicators of success for nature based public health interventions
     Geoff Whitman, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Valuing Nature Network
16. Cultural values of UK marine ecosystem services
     Gill Ainsworth Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

17. Natural Capital Metrics
    Bill Bealey, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

18. Understanding stakeholder visions for woodland expansion in Scotland
     Vanessa Burton, University of Edinburgh

19. Modelling the contribution of natural capital to the wider economy
     David Comerford, Fraser of Allander Institute

20. Getting Smarter with Nature
     Mike Grace, Birmingham City University and Urban Living Birmingham

21. Ecosystem services in the South Pennines - an upland pilot
     Robin Gray, South Pennines Local Nature Partnership

22. The Health and Wellbeing Impacts of Volunteering with The Wildlife Trusts
     Dominic Higgins, The Wildlife Trusts

23. Exploring the relationship between nature and children's well-being in a redesigned
      schoolyard - Matluba Khan, University College London

24. Wild is beautiful? An investigation into the links between rewilding & aesthetics in the Scottish Highlands - Tom McKenna, Scottish Natural Heritage

25. Are management practices supporting ecosystem services and amenity in urban parks
     and greenspaces? Corinne Muir, University of Warwick

26. Valuing the Natural Capital of Highways England’s soft estate
     Kenton Rogers, Treeconomics

27. Forest Biodiversity Effects on Optimal Rotation Length
     Vadim Saraev, Forest Research

28. Developing Natural Capital Accounts for the UK
     Colin Smith, Defra

29. Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functioning and Value of Restored Saltmarshes in the Eden Estuary,Fife
     Kate Wade, University of St Andrews

30. Valuing green infrastructure development at Musgrave Park Hospital
     Marios Zachariou, Queen's University Belfast