Multiple Values of Nature

Joint Meeting of the British Ecological Society Journal, People and Nature, and the Valuing Nature Programme.

International Summit

International Summit Building Valuing Nature Network members’ capacity to participate in international research collaborations.

Valuing Nature Conferences

Valuing Nature Annual Conference Valuing Nature conferences bring together people from different disciplines to explore different approaches to valuing nature.

Business Round Tables

Exploring research & innovation needs relating to measuring & valuing natural assets for three sectors: infrastructure, land management & insurance / financial services.

National Nature Reserves webinar

Report: A Natural Capital Account of the National Nature Reserves managed by Natural England

Business Impact Schools

Business Impact School Business Impact Schools provided early career researchers with insights into producing research with business impact.

Keynote Lecture Series

Keynote lecture The Valuing Nature Keynote Lecture Series explores themes and ideas associated with the concepts of valuing nature.

Valuing Nature Placements

Valuing Nature Placements Placements supported researchers on Valuing Nature topics to experience working in a new disciplinary, institutional or applied setting.

Participatory Decision Making

Participatory Decision Making Conference This conference explored the challenges that arise when interests in valuing nature are extended into the participatory realm.

Sustainable Intensification

Sustainable Intensification & Valuing Nature in Dialogue Sustainable Intensification & Valuing Nature in Dialogue supported researchers to work across environment and farming policy interests.