Valuing Nature Annual Conference 2017 - conference outline

Conference Outline

Day 1 – Wednesday 18 October 12:00 – 17:30, Dinner at 19:30

  • Opening Keynote from Professor Georgina Mace
  • Afternoon tea including networking, posters, demos, videos, activities & speakers’ corner.  We have a large networking space to run lots of demonstrations and activities simultaneously.  If you have an activity to share that can be easily repeated and takes just a few minutes please submit an abstract in your application to attend – creative ideas welcome!
  • Deep dive panel and discussion sessions on
    • the role of the Environment in Human Health & Wellbeing
    • Valuing Ecosystem Services & Avoiding Tipping Points
  • Networking Dinner

Day 2 – Thursday 19 October 09:00-15:30

  • Presentations on Valuing Nature research and its application, including but not limited to the following topic areas:
    • Arts and Humanities perspectives on Valuing Nature. 
    • Valuing nature in the context of international research and the UN Global Goals
    • Linking Valuing Nature to a Natural Capital perspective
    • Interdisciplinary research into valuation approaches
    • Experience from practice, policy and business perspectives.
  • Interactive sessions for sharing experience and building understanding, including:
    • Economic Valuation in Practice – Share Experiences.  “What was the most exciting development on economic valuation of nature in the last year?” Three speakers will introduce their examples, everyone can share experiences and ask the group for answers to issues faced.
    • Adaptation to climate change: language, metrics, people.  Daniel Johns (Head of Adaptation for the Committee on Climate Change Secretariat) will present evidence on climate change risks and opportunities that apply to the natural environment, people, infrastructure etc.  Attendees will discuss how valuing nature research can help improve the evidence base and policy response to climate change adaptation. 
    • Can business informed by research save nature?  Business leaders and researchers will share frank opinions, and attendees will discuss the challenges and lessons from all angles.
    • Demystifying Health and Wellbeing.  Contribute to the development of a publication in the Valuing Nature Demystifying….series – focused on the role of the environment in human health & wellbeing. 
    • Moving from communications to co-production – what works when working with mixed stakeholder groups?  Research projects and their varied stakeholders will share experience of the challenges they face and the lessons they learned

Valuing Nature Conference 2017


Conference Outline