Research Briefing for UK Defra on Health and the Natural Environment

A Research Briefing has recently been published on Health and the natural environment. A review of evidence, policy, practice and opportunities for the future by Defra  Author: Dr Rebecca Lovell, European Centre for the Environment and Human Health, University of Exeter Medical School .

The Research Briefing, evidence statement, and the full report (Defra Project Code BE0109) are available from the Department’s Science and Research Projects Database. 

Apply Now! Valuing Nature Annual Conference 2018

13 & 14 November 2018, National Museum Cardiff

Midday on Tuesday 13 November to 3.30pm on Wednesday 14 November.

Registration is now open for the third Valuing Nature Annual Conference  Sign up here!

This free 2-day conference aims to bring together people from diverse research areas and from business, policy and practice with the common goal of tackling Valuing Nature challenges. 

Going fishing

We’ve all seen them at the sea side, in all weathers, throwing their lines out into the blue, well I thought I better get out there and see what it’s all about. So I borrowed a rod, and headed out sea angling off the North Norfolk coast. I may have failed to check the tide, and the weather forecast, and ended up soaking wet with not a tiddler to write home about, but being an outdoorsy type I had a great time and came home feeling refreshed and alive. However I know that some people don’t get the appeal. So what is it that attracts so many people to recreational sea angling?

2019 Horizon Scan of Emerging Issues for Global Conservation and Biological Diversity

Opportunity from the Valuing Nature Programme Coordination Team (PCT) to participate in the 2019 Horizon Scan of global environmental issues.

This undertaking, which first started in 2008 aims to identify emerging issues for global conservation and biodiversity.  The paper from the 2018 exercise can be found here.