Placements 2017 - Geoff Whitman

Developing indicators of success for nature-based public health interventions.

It is widely recognised that access to the natural environment has multiple benefits to human health and there is a growing interest in ‘green prescriptions’ and nature-based interventions, for treatments like depression and other mental health issues, within the NHS. Natural England are at the forefront of work linking nature-based health interventions to policies in other sectors. However, a significant gap remains regarding the evidence and cost-effectiveness of nature-based solutions that will support the allocation of scarce health resources to these new interventions. Working with Natural England (NE), this placement will address this gap in two ways: Firstly, through dialogue with the local authority, GLA, community groups and health professionals such as GP’s and Clinical Commissioning Groups in the London borough of Newham, we will define the extent to which data is being collected and used concerning the evaluation of nature-based prescriptions. A key aim here is to establish what indicators of success are needed by health commissioners. Secondly, through identifying ways to improve the coordination and production of evidence that can be used by key national health organisations (i.e. the National Health Service, Public Health England and the Department of Health) to fund nature-based public health interventions. 

Introduction to placement - presentation

Final presentation 

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