Value of ecosystems: a key objective for new Sustainable Healthcare curriculum

Details of a new sustainable healthcare curriculum have been published in an open letter in the Lancet this week (01/12/14).

It's first objective aims to consider the "value of ecosystems - and the anthropogenic threats - to human and planetary health".

Based on work by Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and the Sustainable Healthcare Education network, the curriculum's objectives and learning outcomes are the result of a national consultation of medical educators, clinicians, trainees and students. 

The curriculum was developed in response to a request from the GMC and the hope is that this will lead to increased consideration of the environmental determinants of health in undergraduate and postgraduate medical curricula.

The letter is available in the Lancet: 

Thompson, T.,  Walpole, S., Braithwaite, I., Inman, A., Barna, S., Mortimer, F. (2014) Learning objectives for sustainable health care. The Lancet, Vol 384, pp1924-1925.