Joint symposium: The Multiple Values of Nature

We are very excited to announce a Joint Meeting of the British Ecological Society Journal, People and Nature, and the Valuing Nature Programme. The meeting will be an international, broad-scope, interdisciplinary event reflecting the ethos of both People and Nature and the Valuing Nature Programme. It will cover many aspects of the multiple values of nature and will broadly fall under three themes as outlined below. The meeting aims to foster cross-disciplinary research collaborations and inform the agenda in this growing and fast-moving research area.

The event will be held at Bristol’s We The Curious from 2 - 3 March 2020.

Meeting Topics

Balancing Multiple Values: Opportunities and challenges

Values in action: Exploring processes of change and transformation

Beyond the Usual Suspects: Finding Diverse Support for Nature Protection

Horizon scanning workshop 

We will be conducting a horizon scanning exercise of emerging issues in the values of nature, looking to identify important issues that are not presently well understood.

Further Information Abstract submission & registration are now open 

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