Demystifying Economic Valuation group - invitation to join

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You are here invited to submit applications to join the 'Demystifying Economic Valuation' group. The group is being formed by the Valuing Nature Network to write a ‘key principles of economic valuation’ paper in the first half of 2016.

The group’s activity is the first of many to come under the VNN’s ‘demystifying…’ series. The purpose of the series is to bring together experts to explain the key concepts that cause confusion in the wider community, and agree on principles of good practice. Concepts of “Value / Valuation” are an obvious start for this.

There are of course many textbooks on economic valuation, but there is still a lot of misunderstanding too, especially amongst the research users. Our aim is to bring the volunteers from the economic valuation community together to agree on a principles paper that can be used to communicate with other disciplines and the users of the economic value evidence - a position/principles paper for the profession.

For a full description of the group's intentions and proposed outputs, please visit the dedicated page on our website

For further information and to apply please contact Ms Ece Ozdemiroglu, Economics Lead of the Valuing Nature Programme Coordination Team ( by 6 January 2016.

For general queries about Valuing Nature Network and Programme, please contact