Placements 2017/2018 - Nazli Koseoglu

Designing economic model for investments in landscape assets by local beneficiaries identified using the Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs) methodology.  

Home: Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Land Economy

Host: organisations: Nestle UK and 3keel LLP

Project Summary

Nestle has pioneered the development and application of the Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs) approach in partnership with 3Keel LLP. LENs brings together multiple sectors of the land‐based economy such as food supply, water utilities, insurance, tourism, property, energy, transport with policy‐makers, NGOs and other stakeholders. The approach enables beneficiaries to identify their common landscape interests and to co‐invest in landscape assets that are central to securing or improving environmental outcomes relevant to their operations. 

The framework presents an opportunity for private initiative and investment to complement fiscal and policy measures, as they evolve post‐Brexit. Two previous LENs projects have analysed such opportunities in Cumbria and East Anglia, that include sites and supply chains of strategic importance to Nestle.
The placement focused on designing and testing an operational economic model to systematically quantify landscape demand and identify the assets and functions they each depend upon. The aim is to understand the dynamics of multi-functional landscapes that cater various sectors and to inform the transparent and equitable transactions in LENs networks. 

Initial placement presentation

Final placement presentation (click to view):