Placements 2017/2018 - Barnaby Andrews

Managing the marine natural capital by assessing the impact of fisheries management on expenditure by sea anglers.

Home: School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia

Host: Centre for environment, fisheries & aquaculture science (Cefas)

Project Summary

This placement sought to explore the impacts that changes in recreational fisheries management can have on the economic benefits generated by these activities. While recreational sea angling is an extremely popular activity in the UK, generating a wide range of benefits to individuals and society there is an increasing need to monitor and regulate recreational catches in order to protect vulnerable stocks and ensure the sustainable management of both recreational and commercial fisheries.

In order to help decision makers understand how changes in management can impact the benefits generated through recreational sea angling activities a stated preference choice experiment was developed. The design of which was informed through interviews with Anglers, a literature review and discussions with fisheries experts.


To ensure that participants were presented with survey questions relevant to their angling experiences the choice task and framing questions were deployed using an online survey enabling us to dynamically adapt the survey questions to suit participants angling experiences. A small pilot was conducted using this initial survey leading to refinements of both the general survey and choice task based on the results and feedback received from the pilot.

The final survey is currently awaiting a larger pilot, insights into choice experiment and survey design gleaned from this placement will be used to inform further data collection using stated preference choice experiments in this context.

Initial Concepts presentation:                             Final presentation: