Valuing Nature R&I in Support of Business - presentations

Session 1: Keynote Session

Guy Duke, Business Champion, VNP Coordination Team - Introduction to the conference

Sir Duncan Wingham, Chief Executive NERC - Keynote 1

Sir Ian Cheshire, Chair Barclays Bank UK PLC - Keynote 2

Alastair Johnson, Senior Economic Advisor, Defra - Overview of the Policy Environment

Sir Charles Godfray, Director, Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford - Keynote 4

Session 2: Business impact under the VNP

Guy Duke, Business Champion, VNP Coordination Team - Overview

Business-related output from VNP projects:

BNP Business Impact School alumni:

  • Prue Addison, Conservation Strategy Director, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust and Research Associate 
  • Eleanor Tew, Forest Resilience Programme Manager, Forestry England 
  • Gemma Jerome, Director, Building With Nature 

VNP Business Placements:

Victoria Janes-Bassett, Senior Research Associate, Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business, Lancaster University - VNP Synthesis Report: Soil natural capital valuation needs for agri-business

Emma Rothero, Partnership Manager, Floodplains, Meadows Partnership - VNP Synthesis Report: Natural capial of floodplains as a function of land use

Rose Pritchard, Post-doctoral Research Associate, Sheffield Institute for International Developtment - VNP Synthesis Report: Early adoption of natural capial in the private sector

Ece Ozdemiroglu, Economics Lead, VNP Coordination Team - VNP Demystifying papers on Green Finance, Economic Analysis, and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Session 3: Towards a Natural Assets Research and Innovation Agenda

Guy Duke - Introduction

The R&I needs of three key sectors:

  1. Chris Plester, Senior Sustainability Adviser, National Grid - Infrastructure
  2. Andrew Griffiths, Head of Value Chain Sustainability at Nestle UK&I - Land management
  3. Robin Smale, Director, Vivid Economics - Insurance/finance

Guy Duke - Overview: emerging R&I priorities, policy alignment and appetite to engage, delivery options