Valuing Nature Projects 2011-2013

Ten projects were run through the initial phase of the Valuing Nature Network (VNN1) between 2011 and 2013 – these used the VNN1 Conceptual Model.

The links below provide further information on the projects and their findings:

  • Agricultural Management: Valuing the impacts of ecosystem service interactions for policy effectiveness
  • Coastal Management: Environmental and ecological economics and management
  • Ecosystem Markets: Informing the work of the Ecosystem Markets Task Force
  • From Values to Decisions: Bridging the gap between supply and demand for valuation evidence (BRIDGE)
  • Marine Governance: Interdisciplinary methods to build a socio-ecological decision-making tool to inform marine governance and policy
  • Stocks and Flows: Scale dependence of stocks and flows in the valuation of ecosystem services
  • Uncertainty and Scale: Interdisciplinary quantitative ecosystem services team (INQUEST)
  • Valuing Externalities: Valuing Externalities in a business context
  • Valuing Peatlands: Assessing and valuing peatland ecosystem services for sustainable management
  • Wellbeing: Capturing differentiated experience of change to ensure pro-poor ecosystem service interventions are fit for purpose