Valuing Nature Business Impact School November 2017

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

The third Valuing Nature Business Impact School (BIS3) was held in Edinburgh from Wednesday 29 November to Saturday 2 December 2017.

NERC provided funding for 19 early stage researchers to attend the Valuing Nature Business Impact School in Edinburgh in November 2017 held at Dynamic Earth. The school ran back-to-back with the World Forum on Natural Capital and gave researchers the opportunity to gain insight into producing research with business impact.

Background information    Programme 

All VNBIS 3 participants attended the Natural Capital Coalition’s Day of Collaboration, as the BIS3 ‘field day’. This Day of Collaboration brought together Coalition participants to share experiences and develop new ideas for collaboration. It enabled participants to take part in devising the next steps in the future of natural capital thinking.

Five of the Valuing Nature Business School delegates were awarded scholarships to attend the 2-day World Forum on Natural Capital 


Presentations on Valuing Nature Business Impact School (BIS3)  are available here:

Business speakers

Early career researchers