Valuing Arts and Arts Research

This report in the Demystifying Series from the Valuing Nature programme, discusses the role of the arts, artists and arts research in addressing complex landscape, environmental, and valuing nature research questions and problems.   

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The document provides an account of what creative practice has brought and can bring to research.  It will be of benefit for all those who are interested in developing research collaborations that involve researchers from the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences and experts from policy and practice

The report endorses existing practices and triggers new thinking in doing research related to landscapes and environments by explaining how artists can operate as researchers, either independently or as part of multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary teams.

Questions addressed by the group of contributors for valuing the arts and arts research included:

  • Why arts in (environmental) research?
  • What arts and arts research have contributed to research?
  • How arts research contributes to knowledge production?
  • In what ways can artists participate, interact, and contribute to collaborative research?
  • What are the impacts of arts research?
  • How creative practice and outputs can influence decision-making?
  • How can we achieve better research collaborations between artists and other researchers?

Ideas presented in this report have been informed by exchanges between over 60 academics and professionals, from the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences, as well representatives from policy and practice interested in the contribution of the arts in landscape, environmental, and valuing nature research agendas.

Insights have been instigated by discussions that took place during the AALERT (Arts and Artists in Landscape and Environmental Research Today) workshop held at the National Gallery, London in February 2018[1].  

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[1] The AALERT workshop was funded jointly by the Valuing Nature and the Landscape Research Group ( ).