Tipping Points

Valuing Nature Programme Research Goal:

Tipping Points

The Valuing Nature Programme aims to better understand and represent the complexities of the natural environment in valuation analyses and decision making and to consider the wider economic, societal and cultural value of ecosystem services, even where these have no perceived market value. 

In this context, the research goal is to improve our understanding of the complexities of the UK natural environment in valuation analyses, specifically to improve our understanding of:

i. the links between ecosystem stocks, ecosystem service flows and benefits that are delivered as a result in the context of defining critical levels of ecosystem stocks that avoid abrupt and damaging change in the delivery of benefits (tipping points).

ii. how the values of ecosystem services and benefits change as tipping points are reached and exceeded.

Three projects have been funded under this research goal - details here.  Information on the funding call (closed in May 2016) is available here.