Valuing Nature International Summit - Applying

The Valuing Nature International Summit is intended for researchers based at UK research institutions that are eligible for UKRI funding. It will benefit people who have made a start on building their international research network. It is not intended for researchers who have already been in leadership roles in research projects or who have extensive international experience. Participants should have more than two years of research experience at post-doctorate level.

To complete the form you will need the following:

  • Text describing how your research relates to the Valuing Nature Programme (500 characters).
  • A summary of your international experience to date. This might include participation in research proposals and projects, attending international conferences, networking activities (500 characters).
  • Text describing how attending the International Summit will help you to develop your research plan (500 characters).
  • Letter of support from your research institution (PDF).
  • 2 page CV (PDF).

Valuing Nature International Summit application form