Valuing Nature International Summit

Building Valuing Nature Network members’ capacity to participate in international research collaborations

The Valuing Nature International Summit will enhance connections between the Valuing Nature Network and relevant international research and innovation opportunities and networks. The summit will consider different approaches to valuing nature and integrating different forms of knowledge into assessments. Participants and international experts will share knowledge of existing projects and initiatives and identify opportunities to support international research collaboration. The summit will take place in early 2020.

Learning outcomes

  • You will understand global approaches to valuing nature and incorporating different forms of knowledge.
  • You will understand the needs of international research initiatives and platforms.
  • You will have a clear career research plan to work towards successful international collaboration.

Who should attend?

The Valuing Nature International Summit is intended for researchers based at UK research institutions that are eligible for UKRI funding. It will benefit people who have made a start on building their international research network. It is not intended for researchers who have already been in leadership roles in research projects or who have extensive international experience.

Application process

There is no charge to attend the summit and food and accommodation will be provided. Delegates will pay their own travel expenses. The applications process will be managed by the Valuing Nature Programme Coordination Team, ensuring that candidates that have the most potential to benefit from the summit will be selected. To apply to participate complete your application and include details of your existing international activity, describe what you hope to gain from participation in the summit, and attach a 2 page CV and letter of support from your research institution. Further details about applying.


The Summit will include presentations and facilitated interactive sessions. There will also be video links established with potential collaborators around the world.

  • Day 1 Morning – Learning from others
    Presentations from national experts and experienced researchers
  • Day 1 Afternoon – Learning together
    Interactive group work with country and topic experts
  • Day 2 Morning – Building your network
    Opportunities to meet potential collaborators face-to-face and globally, via video
  • Day 2 Afternoon – Working together
    Developing your career research plan and sharing lessons with the Valuing Nature Network

Further information

For enquiries you may contact the Valuing Nature Programme Coordination Team

This International Summit is funded by NERC as part of the Valuing Nature Programme.