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Health & Wellbeing

Valuing Nature Programme Research Goal:

Human Health & Wellbeing

The Valuing Nature Programme aims to better understand and represent the complexities of the natural environment in valuation analyses and decision making and to consider the wider economic, societal and cultural value of ecosystem services. 

In this context, the research goal is to improve our understanding of the value of the UK's natural environment for human health (physical and mental) and wellbeing within and across the following three areas:

•    natural hazards and extreme weather events
•    human exposure to pathogens and aquatic toxins
•    urban ecosystems.

Descriptions of the projects funded under the Health & Wellbeing Goal of the Valuing Nature Programme are available here.

Further information about the funding call and the research priorities identified is available here.

Placements 2016 - Charlie Langan

Assessing and implementing a natural capital approach for Scottish estate management

A natural capital approach presents an opportunity to assess a wide diversity of perspectives and values in land management decisions, but there remain substantial challenges to its implementation. This placement will address these challenges and build awareness and capacity through development of material for use by land managers based on experience with a Scottish case study. 

The placement will be hosted by the MacRobert Trust, the charity organisation managing the MacRobert Estate. The estate, located 30 miles west of Aberdeen at the eastern edge of the Cairngorms National Park, covers 7,200 acres of agricultural and wooded lands in an area popular with tourists and walkers. The Trust works closely with its nine tenant farmers and the local village community on a range of projects, and will work with the researcher to understand the decision making environment, and assess how natural capital can inform decision making across a range of values and be implemented in land management organisations.

Research will assess the practicalities and methodological challenges, and evaluate options for institutionalising natural capital approaches. The work will produce briefing notes for land managers and report on the role and potential of natural capital in Scottish land management.

Placement information: 

End of placement presentation 

End of placement video (and shown below)

Starting placement presentation introducing placement ideas

End of placement video

Tipping Points Research Projects

Three projects have been awarded funding from the Valuing Nature Tipping Points Call.

Follow the links below to read a summary of each project.