Placements 2017 - Graziella Iossa

Applying a natural capital approach to link environmental and health policy agendas on antimicrobial resistance.

In this placement, I will combine perspectives from evolutionary ecology, microbial ecology, epidemiology, ecosystem science and public health to develop a new, holistic way of understanding antimicrobial resistance (AMR). AMR, the reduced capacity to treat bacterial infections caused by inappropriate use of antibiotics, is a major global challenge.

I will move from my current research as an evolutionary ecologist at the University of Lincoln to a new disciplinary and institutional setting, within Professor’s Graham social science-based public health group (University of York). I am an early career researcher seeking to resume a research career after an extended break. Via discussions with Professors Graham and White and in-depth interviews of experts facilitated through their network of research and policy contacts, I will build an interdisciplinary understanding of AMR within an ecosystem-based framework. This placement contributes directly to the VN goals of ‘cross-disciplinary dialogue around issues of valuing nature’ and by exploring ‘the role of biodiversity and ecosystem services in human health and wellbeing’. Anticipated outputs are rigorous analyses of the interviews, VN report, blog and video, an article for a professional magazine in the health sector (e.g. Public Health) and a public talk at the Pint of Science Festival 2017.

Introduction to placement - presentation