Placements 2016 - Natasha Bhatia

Valuing the impact of storm surges on society and human welfare in terms of the cultural services provided by estuarine flood alleviation sites

The placement was at the Hull University Business School (HUBS). From working at the Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies (IECS, University of Hull) on a series of fees-only contracts, the applicant already had experience of previous VN projects, and this placement presented a new piece of environmental economics research and training.

The placement used a business and economic setting to research the environmental, social and cultural impacts of flooding on the Humber Estuary, with emphasis placed on the 2013 storm surge. This heavily affects the area ecologically and economically, but little is known about the social and cultural impacts and these four aspects need to be integrated. Non-market valuation techniques were used to ascertain how people value their local natural environment in the wake of the 2013 storm surge, and determine the cultural and social benefits associated with flood prevention schemes.

Information was collated and analysed to provide a robust evidence base to inform and guide policy and management decisions. This included the creation of estuarine managed realignment sites as a means to mitigate the effects of storm surges, and as a source of increased human health and wellbeing through the provision of cultural services.

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