Placements 2016 - Laurence Jones

Glastir Monitoring and Environment Programme mapping

Integrating environmental, social and health data in Wales to inform and support innovative policy implementation by Welsh Government

Wales is one of only a few countries globally to have committed to sustainable development in its constitution. In 2015, the Well-being of Future Generations Act was passed, a radical and ground-breaking piece of legislation which enshrines in law the principles of sustainable development. One of the 7 goals includes “A Resilient Wales” to maintain and enhance a biodiverse natural environment that supports social, economic and ecological resilience and the capacity to adapt to change. The supporting Environment (Wales) Bills enable Wales’ resources to be managed to deliver significant economic, social and environmental benefits. Wales holds extensive digital datasets on the environment, health and society. However, these data are not yet fully integrated, and there is considerable scope to use these data in new ways.

Here we will to work across a range of Welsh Government (WG) departments to scope the availability and use of these data to understand the role of the environment in human health and well-being and inform sustainable management to build resilience, and support the future health and wellbeing of people in Wales. Wales was identified as an ideal testbed due to its investment in digital technologies and targeted national programmes in the health, social and environment sectors.

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