Placements 2016 - Clément Feger

A ‘rapid context diagnostic’ on organizational, political and institutional factors affecting use of ecosystem services research in decisions and impact on outcomes

A three month, full time placement with Dr Bhaskar Vira at the University of Cambridge would enable Clément Feger to acquire knowledge on incentives and multi-stakeholder partnerships for natural resource use and management, and state-society interactions over natural resources. Clément would be exposed to new disciplinary insights coming from political economy, policy evaluation, organization theory, political ecology, etc. This complements the focus of his PhD on biodiversity management accounting. Clément submitted his PhD in December 2015, and is an early career scientist currently without a permanent employment contract. Clément would also interact with researchers at the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, the Natural Capital Project and WWF, enabling acquisition of practical understanding of models for ecosystem service (ES) valuation, skills in tools such as TESSA and InVEST, and insights into use of ES information in decisions.

The output is a “rapid context diagnostic” method for recognizing and responding to organizational, political and institutional factors that enable use of ES research in decisions and impact on outcomes. Methods will be freely available to the Valuing Nature Network and the ES community broadly. It will potentially be incorporated into capacity building in the Natural Capital Project’s training programme and online course, as well as TESSA training.

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