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Title Offer
Professor Matthew Baylis
University Of Liverpool

My group currently studies UK mosquitoes (with high human feeding rates) in the lab and field - we have an excellent field site (Dee marshes, RSPB reserve) close to the university. We are also... Read more

Kari-ann Whitbread
Peterborough Environment City Trust

PECT is an independent and innovative environmental charity with more than 21 years’ experience of delivering projects of local, regional and national significance. We have practical experience of... Read more

Janet Fisher
University of Edinburgh

Research Fellow, Edinburgh University.

Research interests include: Ecosystem Services; Payments for Ecosystem Services (mostly in developing countries); Shared and Social Values of... Read more

Gina Rowe
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

We can offer projects to assess as case studies, working in urban areas in Coventry and Solihull in particular with a range of ages, engaging people in caring for the natural environment. We have... Read more

Paul Bryson
Environment Agency

Engaging with Natural Capital
Ensuring we take a customer focused approach when engaging around the concept of natural capital.

Please note: Applications... Read more

Amanda Evans
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust has been delivering 'Your Wild Life' for 15 months in North Solihull, an area which is high on the IMD. We have been working with people with mental ill... Read more

Caroline Marshall
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (NI)

RSPB (NI) has nature reserves both in inner city Belfast and in the wider countryside that we can offer to provide ‘green time’ for office workers and local residents. We would be keen to work... Read more

Katrina Campbell
Institute for Global Food Security, Queen's University Belfast

Research involves early detection and prevention measures for natural aquatic toxins and pathogens

Gavin Siriwardena
British Trust for Ornithology

The BTO has a strong track record in respect of research on birds and, increasingly, other taxa in urban habitats and with respect to climate/weather effects. We hold unique data sets with... Read more

Dr Amy Plowman
Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust

We can provide multiple sites for research (3 zoological/botanical collections/attractions), a national nature reserve and 2 local nature reserves/urban green spaces and we could provide a... Read more

Dr Kayleigh Wyles
Plymouth Marine Laboratory

I would be very interested in bringing an environmental psychologist perspective to this programme. I already have datasets from my multidisciplinary PhD (combining psychology with marine biology... Read more

Jane Macnaughton
Durham University

I am currently working on a Wellcome-Funded project investigating the origins of our understanding of breath and breathlessness, and how these experiences are affected by the air we breathe. This... Read more

Dr Bruce Horton
Environmental Policy Consulting

Specialists in environmental economics and policy. Bruce is also an associate of eftec and Collingwood Environmental Planning, and a Principal Consultant with MWH Global. Main interest areas are... Read more

Geoffrey Griffiths
University of Reading

Mapping of UK at >150 000 scale of landscape types based on both the natural and cultural dimensions of landscapes

Gianfranco Gliozzo

Team up for the value of environmental awareness and information generated by lay people. I would like to consider a very broad approach towards information not only considering environmental... Read more

Oliver Hoelzinger
University of Birmingham

My main research interrest is in revealing and implementing the value of ecosystem services into decision-making and policy tools. I'm e.g. working together with Birmingham City Council,... Read more

Julia Baker
WSP - Parsons Brinckerhoff

Governments, financial institutions and corporations worldwide are adopting goals of No Net Loss (NNL) or Net Positive Impact (NP) of biodiversity, and using offsetting to achieve them as part of... Read more

Giles Foody
School of Geography, University of Nottingham

Always happy to work with others. Have 30 years experience in mapping from remote sensing, especially land cover mapping. Have used this to drive basic transfer model approach of ecosystem... Read more

Brett Grosvenor
Environment Agency

I am a member of the Devon and Cornwall Environment Programme Team in the Environment Agency. We deliver a programme of partnership projects with environmental outcomes. Much of our work is in... Read more

John Redshaw
Scottish Environment Protection Agency

The Valuing Nature Programme follows on very nicely from some of the earlier work of LWEC, particularly that of the LWEC Health & Wellbeing Task Force. It would be useful to build on this... Read more

Mark Nieuwenhuijsen

I am working in a number of research proposals on green space and health that collect data and could be used for further analyses (e.g.

Charles Cowap
Charles Cowap and various others

I am a rural practice chartered surveyor and agricultural valuer working with a number of clients and professional interest groups in the practical development of an ecosystems approach to the... Read more

Chris Knight
Environment Agency

Non-monetary quantification of benefits for decision making and reporting.

Development of methods for non-monetary quantification of benefits to support better... Read more

Dave Stone
Natural England

Access to the Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment (MENE) data set and facilities to add to additional questions / responses to the omnibus survey. Would be happy to work with the... Read more

Sam Wren-Lewis
Happy City

Happy City Index dataset - citywide data on well-being (for Bristol, UK). Working partnerships with academics working on well-being measurement at the University of Cambridge and University of... Read more

Dr. Christophe Sarran
Met Office

The Met Office has a track record of health research working alongside academic institutions. Our Health Research Programme currently focuses on the health impacts of extreme weather events,... Read more

Rosa Foster
Yorkshire West Local Nature Partnership

The Yorkshire West Local Nature Partnership is currently developing a programme of GI interventions, and other projects. We are keen to work with partners to deliver on the Health & Wellbeing... Read more

Martin W Skov
Bangor University

I lead an existing research cluster on resilience and regime shifts of salt marshes - a coatal ecosystem with key roles in preventing dangerous flooding and erosion events. The work includes bio-... Read more

Richard Mitchell
University of Glasgow

Access to green space data which cover the entire UK at a fine spatial scale.

Gordon Watson
University of Portsmouth

Using the Solent European Marine Site as a case study Investigate coastal exploitation and the impacts/benefits (value) Datasets of temperature and extreme climatic impacts on coastal habitats... Read more

Tiago Moreira
Durham University

I would be interested in working in partnership with researchers developing methods of valuation to understand the factors that promote or inhibit the co-production of value and the creation of... Read more

Jonathan Reeves
Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

As a wetland conservation charity we are interested in the health and wellbeing effects of wetlands on humans. We already have one PhD up and running - measuring the health benefits of a WWT-led... Read more

Ruth Jones
Environment Agency

Spatial mapping of natural capital investments and beneficiaries.
Development of a method, assumptions and template for spatially mapping natural capital investments... Read more

Joao Florencio
University of Exeter

My current work addresses the way in which ideas of Nature developed in opposition to Culture since the 1800s and the role art and visual culture has firmed that modern divide whereby Nature was... Read more

Aisling Lannin
Marine Management Organisation

We are interested in steering academic research to make it aplicable in delivery of marine management and therefore use it with high impact. We are interested in both specific locations and the... Read more

Steve Cinderby
University of York (SEI)

I have a background in participatory mapping with stakeholders. I have also developed creative arts based approaches to look at differing behaviours in different spaces and places.
I am... Read more

Jana Verboom
Alterra, Wageningen UR

We have an intervention study with urban green and impact on quality of life of fragile elderly and their informal caregivers (2015-2019). It could become a case study. It is in The Netherlands... Read more

Silvia Ferrini

Research ideas on biodiversity and health Datasets and ideas for smart cities projects

Jolyon Medlock
Public Health England

The Medical Entomology group at Public Health England conduct UK surveillance of human disease vectors (mosquitoes, ticks) and conduct field-based research on the impact of extreme events (drought... Read more

Jenny Shepherd
University of Birmingham

One of the strands of our work at the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR) is around 'Trees and Wellbeing'. More specifically, one line of enquiry is measuring a physical... Read more

Sian Rees
Plymouth University

To build upon Plymouth University research in marine ecosystem management and links to social-ecological resilience (including health and wellbeing). We have a particular interest in... Read more

Charlotte Spring
University of Salford

My own interest is in food, especially surplus food redistribution and the question of 'valuing food' when the complexity of supply lines separates people from the source of their food-... Read more

Angus Middleton
Landmark Information Group

I am starting pilot studies of a system that helps commercial users identify where to create which habitats to best reduce their specific and defined problem (such as water quality or flooding).... Read more

Colin Smith

Defra would welcome a placement that can inform the practical development of ecosystem accounts for species biodiversity, that is consistent with the UN System of Environmental and Economic... Read more

Hugh Kippen

As a freelance Environmental Consultant I have been looking at vacant and derelict land and it's impact on communitites. My focus has been on the potential for community management through using... Read more

Paul Watkinson
Scottish Natural Heritage

Scottish Natural Heritage is funded by the Scottish Government. Our purpose is to:

  • promote, care for, and improve our natural heritage
  • help people enjoy nature ... Read more
Dr Murray Gray
Queen Mary University of London

I have published books and papers on abiotic ecosystem services and on the many ways in which geodiversity is of value to society, including in terms of health and well-being. I would be happy to... Read more

Julie Harvey
Natural History Museum, London

Would be interested to hear from researchers interested in the potential use of Museum grounds (such as the Natural History Wildlife Garden) as part of a wellbeing research project.

Gemma Burford
University of Brighton

I am a university-based researcher currently undertaking a systematic meta-analysis of evaluation reports of nature-reconnection projects, looking both at the predefined indicators of success (i.e... Read more

Joanna Clark
University of Reading

We're developing projects on valuing flood water storage and cultural services alongside multiple ecosystem service benefits in the Loddon Catchment (Lowland sub-catchment of the River Thames... Read more

Dr Ian Pattison
Loughborough University

There are 2 areas in which I feel that I can contribute to this call:

1) Soil health / structure / degradation and impacts on hydrology (floods, water quality), using hydrological... Read more

Nicole Gross-Camp
University College London

I am currently an ESPA early career research fellow conducting research on the influence of community-based conservation (forest) initiatives in Tanzania on human well-being (Rural Iringa and... Read more

Edward Dugdale
Tickwood Care Farm

We are care farm with over 250 disabled children coming to the farm on a weekly repeat basis and would be happy to help in any way.

Phil Cryle

eftec have a broad portfolio of natural capital projects in which we have developed a number of natural capital assessment tools. This includes the Natural Capital Asset Check for UKNEAFO and... Read more

Yuri Artioli
Plymouth Marine Laboratory

I'm a marine ecosystem modeller and I can provide a suite of modelling tool to study HABs, their habitat and the likelihood of occurrence (e.g. Glibert et al., Global Change Biology, 2014)... Read more

Stephen Gwynne
Integrated Landscape Ecology

I'm in the process of constructing a temporary structure on my urban micro-farm which is situated on my allotment. The plan is to provide a demonstration model of an urban very low impact... Read more

Roy Sanderson
Newcastle University

Experienced working with social scientists, epidemiologists, ecologists, hydrologists and economists to develop complex spatial and temporal models.

Guy Ziv
University of Leeds

Can offer geospatial modelling and mapping in the area of ecosystem services

Marion Potschin
CEM, University of Nottingham

I offer a strong conceptual base for the Biodiversity/ Ecosystem Service Concept and examples how to operationalize it. We at CEM also offer insight into value-dimensions and change of value over... Read more

Philip thomas
Iechyd da

We are reopening an old vi centre and our first contract is post mortems of farm animals for govt disease purposes. Howver we need more activities to keep the centre open. We would welcome any... Read more

Michael Chang
Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA)

1. Partnership in research based on practical engagement with local government 2. Provide case study materials from TCPA projects on health, green infrastructure, climate change, and planning 3... Read more

Frances Harris
University of Hertfordshire (from Sept 1st, 2015)

Experience of interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and participatory research methods, with a track record of research on collaborative research teams including the challenges of engaging... Read more

Dr Jenny Roe
Stockholm Environment Institute, University of York

I am interested in collaborating with other researchers to explore and quantify relationships between biodiversity and health; I bring research expertise in green space and mental well-being, in... Read more

Gemma Cranston
Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

The Cambridge Natural Capital Leaders Platform is a global network of companies convened by the University of Cambridge to determine how companies can sustain the natural environment through their... Read more

Dr Tadhg MacIntyre
GO GREEN EX Univ. of Limerick

Research into psychological well-being focused on nature based solutions including green exercise, nature savouring and transdiciplinary approaches to wel-being. 

Christian Wagner
University of Nottingham

Expertise in Data-driven environmental planning and policy design from a data perspective. Strong track record in multidisciplinary work, e.g., combining qualitative data (e.g., stakeholder... Read more

Vittoria Danino
Anglian Water/UEA

Valuing the Envionmental Impacts of Drought: The water industry faces a significant and growing risk of severe drought arising from growth and climate change. Drought will have impacts on... Read more

Eric Brymer
Manchester Metropolitan University

We would be interested in working with any organisation wishing to investigate the health and wellbeing benefits of experiences in nature. We currently have a few ongoing projects focusing on the... Read more

Maria Longley
Greenspace Information for Greater London CIC (GiGL)

GiGL is London's environmental records centre and we hold detailed information relating to biodiversity in London through wildlife sightings and invasive species, and greenspace and openspace... Read more

Professor Sarah Atkinson
Durham University, Geography and Centre for Medical Humanities

Research design, methodologies; interdisciplinarity and in particular the interface between biomedical, social science and arts/humanities; conceptual and comparative attention to understandings... Read more

Rebecca Slack

water@leeds is a large interdisciplinary water research centre at the University of Leeds, with over 150 researchers and academics drawn from across a number of... Read more

Rich Howorth
Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere

Use of our newly-designated UNESCO Biosphere Region as a case study area for applied research on people and nature interactions, our core focus, especially urban greenspace networks in the city of... Read more

Dominic Hall
The Conservation Volunteers

To date we have worked in partnership to carry out several research projects on Citizen Science as well as projects on the impact of volunteering. We have a substantial reach into communities and... Read more

Dr Jacqui Cotton
Environment Agency

I can discuss possible provision of flood risk data.

Dr Catherine Kelly
University of Greenwich

We are piloting an audit of green wellbeing provision, examining modes of evaluation, funding and other challenges to practice - within local policy contexts.

Dhaval Negandhi
Indian Institute of Forest Management

I would be interested in working in partnership with other researchers. I have various activities in mind but one that could relate directly to this call will be economic value of ecosystem... Read more

Peter Cosgrove
Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB

The natural capital concept has gained traction across much of the public sector in recent years following the Natural Capital Committees’ recommendation to government. The Suffolk Marine Pioneer... Read more

Caroline Hattam
Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Interested in working in partnership with other researchers. Plymouth is an ideal location for exploring issues relating to urban green and blue space. PML holds various data sets that may be... Read more

Gareth Parry
Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

We would be interesting in providing study sites e.g urban green spaces and participating in collection of data on outdoor based health and wellbeing programmes. Potentially multiple Wildlife... Read more

Rachel Lenane
Environment Agency

Valuing benefits from natural flood management  
Improvement of the robustness of values used to estimate benefits from “natural flood management” interventions... Read more

Jennifer Scott
Wild Rumpus

Wild Rumpus are interested in working in partnership with researchers looking at how nature affects wellbeing/ creativity. We have recently developed a creative residency programme in a woodland... Read more

Chris Williams
NEF (new economics foundation)

NEF research on wellbeing, wellbeing and nature, and some of our training materials

Urban Transformations
University of Brighton

We are members of a current AHRC international network titled: Urban Transformations Pathways from practice to policy ( Read more

Catharine Ward Thompson
University of Edinburgh

I and the OPENspace research centre have expertise in researching people's engagement with green and natural environments, especially in urban areas, and wellbeing and quality of life. We also... Read more

Tim Jones
Oxford Brookes University

Working partnerships with other researchers. Provide a case study research project - see Provide data (subject to permission from... Read more

Dr Alexandra Collins
Imperial College/ Defra

I am currently a NERC Policy Placement Fellow working with the Joint Water Evidence Group and the Water Avaliability and Quality directorate at the Defra.  There is much interest in how the... Read more

Professor Steffen Boehm
University of Essex

Essex has long-standing experiences of research into nature and health/well-being. We have a 'green excercise' and 'green care' research team with many connections to... Read more

David Sheffield
University of Derby

I am a health psychologist with interests in nature connectedness, and psycholgical and physiological explanations of nature - well-being relationships. 

Mark Freeman
Loughborough University

I offer expertise in cost-benefit analysis (both social and corporate) for initiatives whose benefits extend over many generations and/or mitigate against unlikely but extreme... Read more

Bruce Pearce
The Organic Research Centre

Working in collaboration with other researchers, working with agricultural systems, working actively with farmers who could become case studies, data on organic land management and agroforestry,... Read more

Angus Middleton
Landmark Information Group

Landmark are developing the Ecoservices Platform, which identifies the habitats to create and where to them to solve our clients’ river-related problems. For instance, the platform could tell a... Read more

Willie Wilson
Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Western Channel Observatory off Plymouth which encompasses coastal, estuarine and atmospheric observational opportunities.

Dan Osborn

We have a network of researchers and end-user partners working on some of these issues at an operational scale in south-east England (Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hamphshire). The projects cover urban,... Read more

Prof John Quinton
Lancaster Environment Centre

I am a soil scientist with a developing interest in urban soils (not the contaminated ones - although they are also interesting) and how they might function in cities to deliver a range of... Read more

Rachel Penny and Sarah Preston
Natural England

Natural England staff and members of the National Outdoors for All Working Group and Strategic research Group have collaborated to develop this survey submission and are keen to work closely with... Read more

Sue Everett
Self employed ecologist; Business Manager for local community association

Can offer access to local community but issue is engagement with local landowners - where to start? Some are very antagonistic to nature having pretty well trashed it on the edge of our housing... Read more

Joanna Spink
Environment Agency

How natural capital evidence can contribute to state of the environment reporting In England
Collation of evidence on state, trends and projections of natural capital and ecosystem... Read more

Helen Townsend
Forestry Commission

Forest Research (an agency of the Forestry Commission) has data, evidence, case studies and social scientists that could be used to work in partnership. Previous research available online

Prue Addison
Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science (ICCS), the University of Oxford

Analysis of international biodiversity targets to understand and maximize their relevance to the private sector

The Interdisciplinary... Read more

Bill Langston

We have sites (and some data) which would be valuable in pursuit of challenges 1 and 2 above (Impact of dredge spoil disposal on the marine environment, impact of extreme climate change-driven... Read more

Chris Fremantle
Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University

Art and ecology is a well developed area of practice and research (see for instance the work of the Harrison Studio over more than 40 years, as well as... Read more

Erin Gianferrara
Economics for the Environment Consultancy (eftec)

I am an Environmental Economist with eftec, an environmental economic consultancy who have a wide range of experience in assessing the economic, social and environmental value of green... Read more

Tom Cameron
University of Essex

I am interested in what appears to be different sets of attitudes to the use of the outdoors in northern Europe from Southern and Western Europe. I am a natural scientist and I have social and... Read more

Aaron Burton

Water Sensitive Urban Design approaches can address drought and flooding whilst considering the multiple benefits for urban cooling, amenity etc. Ricardo-AEA have experience exploring these areas... Read more

Tim Sunderland
Natural England

Natural England – North Devon Pioneer – Systems Modelling & Natural Capital

At the request of the Natural Capital Committee, the Pioneer projects are seeking to understand the value of... Read more

Tom Bell and Mingxi Yang
Plymouth Marine Laboratory

We have recently established an atmospheric observatory in a coastal environment West of Plymouth (http://www.... Read more

Emeritus Professor Robin Attfield
Cardiff University

Am interested in working in partnership with researchers, particularly within Cardiff University.

Samuel Fox
United Utilities

Valuing the regeneration of urban ecosystems in the Irwell

At United Utilities, the water and wastewater provider to the North West of England, we are part of the EU Life IP funded... Read more

Craig Hutton
University of Southampton

The Ecosystem Services & Poverty Alleviation project in coastal Bangladesh (ESPA Deltas - £3.8m) will be finishing in 12 months and would provide an excellent case study study for some of the... Read more

Dr Vince Holyoak
English Heritage

Our sectoral research strategy (Heritage 2020) sets out our research priorities for the next five years, within which sites the Historic England Action Plan. Some elements of the above are already... Read more

Barbara Harrington
Northumbria University

Yes. Working on PhD around walking and visual culture. I am also an experienced health researcher. So lots of ideas.

David Haley
MIRIAD Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University

The interdisciplinary, postgraduate educational and research programme, 'Making Our Futures': ecological arts and sustainable design', was developed in four Taiwanese and Chinese... Read more

Dr Rachel Bragg
Green Exercise Research Team, University of Essex

Our Green Exercise Research Team is always interested in working in partnership with researchers

Professor Chris J Spray
University of Dundee, UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy & Science

We have Scotland's and one of the UK's best monitored catchments (70 sq kms), the Eddleston Water, part of the Tweed UNESCO HELP basin. We have detailed and extensive physical data and... Read more

Chris Huntingford
Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Happy to do this around the other way - i.e. make climate research data more accessible to citizen scientists.

Julia Baker
WSP - Parsons Brinckerhoff

The theory and design of Green Infrastructure (GI) continues to develop and improve.  However, the ecosystem services and associated health and wellbeing outcomes of GI are little understood... Read more

Professor Lynn Crowe
Dept. of the Natural & Built Environment, Sheffield Hallam University

I would be interested in pursuing a joint partnership research project. My department and research centre has expertise in the field of public health and well-being in relation to access to urban... Read more

Dr. Edward Graham
University of the Highlands and Islands

Here at UHI Lews Castle College campus in Stornoway, we maintain close links with the NHS Western Isles and Western Isles Health Board, having worked on many joint projects before (e.g. FP7),... Read more

Mark Reader
University of Cambridge

Consultancy (on Farm Incomes and Performance; Quantifying Externalities; Image & Sensing Analysis; Big-Data Tools (for change))

Alasdair Cook
School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Surrey

The School of Vet Med at Surrey has excellent collaboration with Surrey Wildlife Trusts farm at Wisley. we are eager to engage in multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional research. There are... Read more

Ceri Gibson
Tyne Rivers Trust

Working in partnership. Working with our River Watch (volunteer community) groups to assess the benefits they derive from achieving practical solutions to their river catchment related issues -... Read more

Caroline Saunders
AERU LIncoln University

We could offer to host exchanges for academics and others to mutually address the research questions outlined above drawing upon research within New Zealand.

Payam Dadvand
Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL)

I am a medical doctor and an environmental epidemiologist. My research is mainly focused on evaluating the impact of urban green spaces and extreme weather conditions on human health. Here in our... Read more

Ruth Garside
European Centre for Environment and Human Health, University of Exeter Medical School

I am a methods specialist interested in identifying, quality appraising and synthesising all relevant evidence on particular policy relevant research topics. I use systematic review and evidence... Read more

Hifza Rasheed
University of Leeds

I am interested in collaborating with other researchers to explore and quantify relationships between water quality contaminants and health risks; I bring research expertise in chemical risk... Read more

Charlie Dannreuther and Rebecca Slack
University of Leeds

We're looking for partners/ collaborators interested in coastal communities - particularly seaside towns - to explore health and wellbeing value of such communities on residents and visitors... Read more

Jane Dickson

Anthropologist - material culture - ESS - GI - green roofs - medical anthropology - visual and digital culture - open and big data
Interested in connecting with people who want a researcher... Read more

Dr Yangang Xing
Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University

Integrated valuation of the impacts of urban building integrated vegetation on energy consumption, health and wellbeing and urban heat islands effects mitigation.  Based on public funded... Read more

Elaine Connolly

Point of contact for any Defra policy queries.
Specific interests in climate change impacts on coastal population and economies, recreation and businesses.

Paul Mahony

My work involves interpreting and ‘packaging’ the outputs of scientific research relevant to a diversity of audiences (both public and professional), seeking maximum reach and impact. This... Read more

Julie Urquhart
Imperial College London

I am interested in involved creative practice as a way of understanding the social and cultural and wellbeing values that we gain from ecosystems.  Previous work has involved the use of... Read more

Sarah Abercrombie
Norfolk County Council

We interested in working in partnership with researchers; we have sites that could be a case study (trails/walking/cycling routes and wildlife sites; our biological information service has data on... Read more

Michael Smith
Parks and WIldlife

Yes. I currently work with the University of Nottingham and the Thames Estuary Partnership on a small pilot natural resource planning/management project. The project has made some important first... Read more

Brian Sheppard
Hawtree Community Partnership

We have a large woodland site that is able to provide for a range of activities and accommodates all of the necessary requirements for Carer Groups with adults or children in the field of mental... Read more

Dr Paul Sinnadurai
Brecon Beacons National Park Authority

Broadly, the entire National Park, which is a IUCN Category V protected landscape managed in accordance with IUCN management principles Range of site- and area-based biodiversity conservation,... Read more

Prof. David Gilvear
Plymouth University

Within the Catchment and River Science research group at Plymouth we are working on how the physical habitat and environmental quality of rivers impacts on the delivery of ecosystem services... Read more

Dr Ian Pattison
Loughborough University

Numerical models to investigate natural flood management Stakeholder engagement with environmental stakeholders

Chris White

As a consultancy working in this area we work with a number of private and public sector clients (BP, National Grid, Defra, Forestry Commission etc.) on non-market valuation and incorporation of... Read more

Prof Stephen Hawkins
University of Southampton

There are a variety of excellent sites for case studies that preliminary work has been done from a natural science and engineering perspective that would benefit from a broader interdisciplinary... Read more

Dr Dan Carpenter
Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre

The Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre (TVERC) is the records centre for Berkshire and Oxfordshire.  We hold data on species, habitats and sites for both counties.  We provide a... Read more

Mark Proctor
Sazani Associates

Sazani has both an office and coastal research base in Zanzibar as well as over 15 years of history locally, delivering community based adaptation schemes and complex educational programmes. We... Read more

Paul Stevens
Open University

Research partnerships (I'm currently a Senior Lecturer at the Open University, linked to psychology and human geography research areas)

Adeline Johns-Putra
University of Surrey

I am interested in working with climate scientists and/or ecologists on the relationship between scientific accuracy and rhetorical effect in order to motivate public awareness and behavioural... Read more

Dr Colm Bowe
Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)

We provide a suite of skills and services.
PUBLIC HEALTH - Use and perception of green space, use of outdoor gyms, uptake/ provision
SPORT, SCIENCE - Forest schools, family... Read more

Dr Mireille Toledano
Imperial College London

Expertise in environmental epidemiology and public health.  I am PI of the SCAMP study, a longitudinal study of approximately 6500 secondary school... Read more

Chris Rochelle
British Geological Survey

BGS researchers involved with volcanic studies for many years - Iceland and Monserrat may be examples. Whilst these are not on the UK mainland, worth noting that: European airspace was closed by... Read more

Lucy Gilbert
James Hutton Institute

I have ideas about risk forecasting of vector-borne diseases and have large data sets of environmental and vector data for Scotland.

Professor Andy Moffat
Independent Consultancy

I have a background in applied environmental research (ecosystem services in forestry and arboriculture, climate change adaptation, urban greenspace, restoration and wildfire) and published widely... Read more

Mark Reed
Birmingham City University

I am Research Manager for the IUCN's UK Peatland Programme, and we would be interested in collaborating with VNP projects that contribute towards the resilience of UK peatlands

Sue Waite
Plymouth Institute of Education

We are currently running a 3 and half year project, Natural Connections, that seeks to embed learning in local natural environment in schools, evidencing teachers' perceived benefits across a... Read more

Alison Holt, Jim Rouquette
Natural Capital Solutions

Consultancy run by experienced interdisciplinary researchers with an interest in the relationships between natural capital stocks, flows and benefits. Expertise in modelling and mapping... Read more

Prof. Penny Sparke
The Modern Interiors Research Centre, Kingston University, London

Our research centre investigates the history of the interior with a focus on its design and the idea of domesticity (defined as a component of a healthy life), both inside and outside the home.... Read more

Prof. Heiko Balzter
University of Leicester

Access to a wide variety of potential data-rich test sites, including: * Chile (existing Newton grant) * Savannas of Kruger National Park, South Africa (Royal Society grant & approved... Read more

Nigel Doar
The Wildlife Trusts

The Wildlife Trusts manage 2,000 plus local places that are valuable for people and wildlife, and we have 43,000 active volunteers working across the UK. We have data, practical expertise,... Read more

Manoj Dora
Brunel University London

My research interests lie in quality management/business excellence with a particular focus on Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and sustainable food value chain. My current research is an innovative... Read more

Prof. Roland Ennos
University of Hull

I have expertise in measuring the physical benefits of urban vegetation, especially cooling and flood prevention and am keen to collaborate with social scientists and psychologists to investigate... Read more

Richard Kerridge
Bath Spa University

I am a nature writer and ecocritic with a record of reaching non-academic audiences through books, national journalism and broadcasting.  Nature writing has been through an extraordinary... Read more

Jane Acton
Nature Workshops

We need someone to help us improve engagement and outcomes for increased biodiversity around work places and places of learning. This is one part of the Sustainable Development Theme of a bigger... Read more

Sue Williams
Natural Resources Wales

(1) Site / Activities: NRW owns and manages a substantial landholding in Wales, including forests / woodlands, nature reserves, and areas associated with flood and water management. NRW is also... Read more

Conor Kretsch
University of Nottingham and COHAB

Specialist in health dimensions of biodiversity and ecosystem change, in policy dimensions relating to ecosystems and health, and in developing ecosystem approaches to public health issues,... Read more

Dan Bloomfield
University of Exeter

Certainly. I run the Dose of Nature project in Cornwall, a NERC-funded Knowledge Exchange partnership between the private sector, the health system and the research community. There are numerous... Read more

Pat Snowdon
Forestry Commission

The Forestry Commission has engaged in a wide range of practical projects related to health and well-being from greenspace - I can provide introductions to relevant FC staff The FC has monitoring... Read more

Antje Lindenmeyer
Institute of Research into Superdiversity (IRIS)

The researchers at Institute of Research into Superdiversity (IRIS) are interested in the ways in which diverse groups and people are using urban greenspaces and/or green-space based health and... Read more

Chris Stoate
GWCT Allerton Project

155ha lowland mainly agricultural catchment with wide ranging long term data and HIGH IMPACT through on-site visitor centre and ongoing programme of KE with agricultural professionals, policy... Read more

Chris Short
CCRI, University of Gloucestershire

Involved in a number of projects relevant to the challenge of progressing from the areas studies in VNN round 1 projects, namely green infrastructure, the role of incentives in enhancing ecosystem... Read more

Tanya Rowan
South Downs National Park Authority

The South Downs National Park Authority is extremely interested in partnering with researchers and are happy to participate in and support any research of relevance to the South Downs National... Read more

Professor Mark Conner
University of Leeds

Research expertise on determinants of behaviour and behaviour change. Links to Bradford trident project making changes to green space.

Tim Braund
Exmoor National Park Authority

Happy to explore opportunities - evidence base of the benefits of being 'outdoors' and 'active' are known - the two National park Authorities are looking for practical... Read more

Sarah Williams
The Land Trust

As a land management charity, with over 60 green spaces and parks in our portfolio, our focus is very much on the importance of sustainable funding for managing green spaces long term.

... Read more

Henrietta Moore
UCL Institute for Global Prosperity

We could offer collaboration with a network of 100 organisations and groups that provide ecosystem services and undertake different initiatives in green spaces across London. We are a part of... Read more

Dr Mark Everard
University of the West of England

I have worked personally on ecosystem services (and predecessor concepts) since the late 1980s, in research, international development and also developed world policy contexts. The identification... Read more

Prof Jo Cable
School of Biosciences, Cardiff University

Challenge 1 and 2 - interested in actively establishing relevant research projects in partnership with other researchers and govt organisations Challenge 3 - community adjacent to our University... Read more

Dr Stephen Chaplin
Natural England

Natural England manages a large programme of monitoring and evaluation of agri-environment schemes.  A particular challenge is the establishment of robust environmental counterfactuals to... Read more

Lena Dominelli
Durham University

I have been working on the interplay between the physical and social sciences - how to communicate science to local residents to mitigate risks from natural and (hu)man-made disasters and develop... Read more

Ness Smith
South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI)

We have opportunities to work on discreet projects to feed into a wider Natural Capital Assessment for the UK South Atlantic Overseas Territories. Current areas of interest are fisheries, tourism... Read more

Caroline Evans
Churnet valley Railway PLC

Churnet Valley Railway PLC is a heritage railway near Leek, in North Staffordshire. We want a researcher to help us bring back into public use a small derelict nature site at our Consall Station.... Read more

Tom Oliver
University of Reading

Available to host placements who are interested in working in the area of the role of biodiversity and ecosystem services in human health and wellbeing.
My group works with large scale... Read more

Christophe Sarran
UK Met Office

The MRC-NERC funded MEDMI project Partnership brings together leading organisations and researchers in climate, weather, environment, and human health and wellbeing. The main aim is the ... Read more

Jim Harris
Cranfield University

We have a large spatially explicit database / maps of Natural Capital / Ecosystem Services in three large urban areas of contrasting type arising from our NERC BESS funded Urban Ecology project... Read more

Annabelle Giorgetti

Ecosystem valuation is really essential to New Zealand but the understanding and funding is limited

Prof Wandi Bruine de Bruin
University of Leeds (Centre for Decision Research)

* As co-director of the Centre for Decision Research at the University of Leeds (with additional affiliations at Carnegie Mellon and RAND in the US), I have gathered the relevant interdisciplinary... Read more

Alister Scott
Birmingham City University

1. Our work on guidance and tools from the NEAFO project provides a useful platform to engage with non usual suspects http://neat.... Read more

Ricardo Mateus
Best Option

Multicriteria decision analysis; Evaluation; valuation; Optimization; mathematical programming; sustainability; ecosystem services valuation; modeling; problem structuring


Rupert Hough
The James Hutton Institute

Have an on-going collaboration with an NGO working in the Haor flooded agro-ecosystem of NE Bangladesh that could provide a useful test-bed/case study for VNP projects. My organisation... Read more

Dr. Sarah-Anne Munoz
University of the Highlands and Islands

I am a Health Geographer, previously funded by ESRC/MRC/AHRC to work on greenspace and health projects. I am interested in working with others to extend our understandings in this area. I am part... Read more

Andrew Stott

Defra would welcome one or more placements to provide evidence and analysis in support of the development and implementation of a comprehensive 25 year plan which will address all aspects of the... Read more

Hannah Carr
The Joint Nature Conservation Committee

JNCC is the public body that advises the UK Government and devolved administrations on UK-wide and international nature conservation. Our role is to provide evidence, information and advice so... Read more

Rupert Perkins
Cardiff University

Coastal sediment erosion and flooding can be mediated through biological processes starting with microalgae and culminating in sediment stabilisation and saltmarsh regeneration (managed... Read more

Lena Ciric

I am putting together a proposal to investigate how urban green spaces improve health and wellbeing. Looking for social scientists and economists. I am a microbiologist / microbial ecologist.... Read more

Dr Tamsin Majerus
University of Nottingham

There are a number of groups researching UK ladybirds which would be an excellent model for investigating the topics I describe above. This includes involving the general public in surveying as... Read more

Professor Helen Lomax
University of Northampton

Expertise in creative and participatory research methods - participatory film making, photography, co-production.
Working with children, young people and communities to explore how green... Read more

David Slawson
OPAL Imperial College

850,000 members of the public have taken part in the Open Air Laboratories (OPAL), a UK-wide citizen science initiative encouraging anyone to get involved in science, regardless of age, background... Read more

Arran Stibbe
University of Gloucestershire

I am an Ecological Linguist, and can offer collaboration with projects that examine texts.

Bruce Howard
Ecosystems Knowledge Network

The Ecosystems Knowledge Network is a UK-wide initiative that is keen to work with Valuing Nature Programme research projects to so that they can design their work programmes and share their... Read more

Dr Peter Doran
School of Law at Queens University Belfast


Post-conflict Northern Ireland has witnessed a series of systemic failures in environmental governance that have... Read more

Ian Dickie

Interested in adding economic research to projects that quantify the provision of green space and human health responses.

Sarah Joy Boldison
Devon Partnerhship Trust

We have just started to work with the RSPB across our mental health and learning disabled nhs trust, always keen to broaden our work to promote holistic healing

Gavin Siriwardena
British Trust for Ornithology

The BTO has a strong track record in respect of research on birds and, increasingly, other taxa in urban habitats and with respect to climate/weather effects. We hold unique data sets with... Read more

Ali McKnight
Agroecosystems Ltd

Facilitation of practical input to research (i.e. liaison with farmers, clients and accessing sites/farms as demonstrations)

Richard Wakeford
various academic and non-executive

As a Cotswolds AONB Board Member, I can say that I know the Conservation Board would welcome engagement in research relevant to how our outstanding landscape, if well managed (which may require... Read more

Professor Ravi Maheswaran
School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield

Currently have a White Rose funded PhD student working on green space and health. Access to local council data on green space typologies.

R. Clark
Natural England

Participate in discussions to help inform development of projects and if appropriate, to liaise with colleagues who can might be able to suggest potential case studies.

Colin Reid
University of Dundee

The work on ecosystem services and valuing nature tends to ignore the legal dimension which is vital in converting many of the ideas into practice, e.g. who is entitled to be paid for ecosystem... Read more

Robert McInnes
RM Wetlands & Environment Ltd

I have over 20 years' of experience in trying to recognise, capture and integrate the value of nature (and especially for wetland ecosystems) into decision-making. I am currently delivering a... Read more

Kevin Frediani
National Trust for Scotland

Inverewe is a landscape on the edge, a place of inspiration in a resilient landscape. At its centre is a house and garden, crafted from a degraded landscape on the NW highlands seaboard. The... Read more

Dr T Knight, Trustee
Collaboration for Environmental Evidence

The Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE) works to build the evidence-base for environment management for the benefit of all. The CEE Thematic Group, ESHWeB (Eco-system services, health... Read more

Dr Laurence Couldrick
Westcountry Rivers Trust
WRT are keen to work with anyone wanting to value nature in relation to business risk, failures and limitations in order to alleviate these issues through catchment management. WRT is an... Read more
Sarah Dandy
The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

We run the NHS Forest project, a a national programme to increase the quality and use of green space on or near to healthcare estates for staff, patients and the local community to use for... Read more

Liz O'Brien
Forest Research

Forest Research is the research agency of the Forestry Commission and through this relationship we excellent access to an organisation (devolved) that manages approximately 1 million hectares of... Read more

Chris Mellor

Arup are global consultancy with experiance undertaking stand alone natural capital and ecosystem services assessments, as well as having delivered signficant green infrasture and natural flood... Read more

Kara Hazelgrave

We currently are working on a project to develop an approach to managing urban water in a relatively small catchment. This is primarily to improve water quality and also water quantity through... Read more

Andy Griffiths
Nestle UK & Ireland

Increasing levels of anthropogenic greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere are causing changes to the climate and thereby the ecosystems and processes upon which human prosperity is based. Of... Read more

Juan Regino Maldonado
Instituto Politécnico Nacional

I am corrently a researcher in National Polytechnic Institute localized at the  suoth of Mexico, conducting research on economic valuation of ecosystem services (provisioning, regulating... Read more

Karis Petty
University of Sussex

I am anthropologist specialised in the sensory perception of green spaces/natural environments, with expertise in the perception of people who have impaired vision.

Interested in... Read more

Erik van Lennep
Circle Squared Foundation

We have set up a Living Lab in the Mediterranean, to research and demonstrate links between ecological regeneration and economic recovery, and are happy to partner on technology proof of concept,... Read more

Luca Panzone
Newcastle University

I am an applied economist interested in sustainable behaviour change and sustainable consumption. In this call, I am interested and on understanding the impact of urban agriculture... Read more

Conor Kretsch
Centre for Environmental Management, U. Nottingham; and COHAB Initiative Secretariat, Ireland

Specialist in assessing health dimensions of biodiversity and ecosystem change; in assessing policy dimensions relating to health aspects of biodiversity and ecosystems; and in developing... Read more

Julian Brigstocke
Cardiff University

Empirical research in Bristol and Cardiff on the relation between urban spaces, nature, and the experience of future.