Kari-ann Whitbread

Peterborough Environment City Trust

PECT is an independent and innovative environmental charity with more than 21 years’ experience of delivering projects of local, regional and national significance. We have practical experience of working with communities, schools and businesses in delivering projects, enabling change for a sustainable future.

We want to continue to develop projects that deliver significant impact for people and the environment and are grounded in research and evidence. We have carried out research projects with Brook Lyndhurst and the University of Bath and have partnerships with a range of other universities and research organisations including Cranfield, ARU, UCP, Cambridge, Lincoln, Leeds and UCL. 

We are keen to work with partners to deliver on the Health & Wellbeing agenda. We would be particularly keen to engage with research to inform local authority decision making and through citizen science to increase awareness and change behaviours.  Research data would inform our strategy and focus and we would also use and disseminate lessons to drive the sustainable city agenda nationally and internationally.

Potential for placements/ secondments within PECT.

Research user (policy)
Research user (practitioner)
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Research Area: 
Urban ecosystems
Health and wellbeing