Joanna Spink

Environment Agency

How natural capital evidence can contribute to state of the environment reporting In England
Collation of evidence on state, trends and projections of natural capital and ecosystem services in England, and presentation in an innovative, compelling and engaging way.

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State of environment reporting helps to identify and communicate where improvements have been made and areas where more work is needed to protect and enhance the environment. It also provides an opportunity to flag future drivers, pressures and risks to decision-makers.
We would like to explore how natural capital evidence can contribute to state of the environment reporting In England. What data are available, what are the gaps, how could it be presented in a way that will help to effectively communicate with and inform decision-makers and the public in future, at both national and local level.
This is an opportunity to learn how a public sector organisation uses natural capital and ecosystem services concepts in reporting in a way that can engage with partners and stakeholders directly.
Supports VNN aims: How do we integrate natural and social science information on values for biodiversity, ecosystem services and natural resources into governance and so improve decision-making and implementation?

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Natural hazards & extreme weather events
Pathogens & natural aquatic toxins
Urban ecosystems