Erik van Lennep

Circle Squared Foundation
The Hague, NL

We have set up a Living Lab in the Mediterranean, to research and demonstrate links between ecological regeneration and economic recovery, and are happy to partner on technology proof of concept, up scaling and application, as well as more primary research. Particular interests are rebuilding soil carbon, reduction of flood and fire hazards and fostering small scale local green enterprise. We have projects ready for partnering in forests, agriculture, urban areas and marine, as this region provides a continuum linking all. We are seeking partnership via our NL office to establish operative models of cross-border collaboration on rebuilding ecosystems (think: watersheds) as a peace-building activity, capable of reducing or averting conflicts over availability, quality and access to ecosystem services.

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Research Area: 
Natural hazards & extreme weather events
Pathogens & natural aquatic toxins
Urban ecosystems
Health and wellbeing