Dr. Christophe Sarran

Met Office

The Met Office has a track record of health research working alongside academic institutions. Our Health Research Programme currently focuses on the health impacts of extreme weather events, exposure to atmospheric pollution including allergies and pollen, infectious diseases and ultra-violet radiation. Further information at http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/services/public/health/health-research

We would like to collaborate with experts from other organisations to assess the health and wellbeing impacts, risks and benefits from extreme weather and environmental change, the impacts on ecosystems and the subsequent societal costs and benefits. We can help provide added value to research proposals by contributing:

  • Scientific expertise in weather, climate and health
  • A wealth of meteorological data, global weather observations and climate projections
  • Access to public health and medical expertise, policy makers and stakeholders

For further information and if you would like to work with us on a joint research project, please contact Bob Gunby at bob.gunby@metoffice.gov.uk ; please allow sufficient time for the preparation of a research proposal before the call's closing date for submissions.

Research provider
Natural Sciences
Research Area: 
Natural hazards & extreme weather events
Health and wellbeing