Christophe Sarran

UK Met Office

The MRC-NERC funded MEDMI project Partnership brings together leading organisations and researchers in climate, weather, environment, and human health and wellbeing. The main aim is the creation of a prototype central data and analysis source as an internet-based Platform and a vital new common resource for medical and public health research in the UK and beyond. Human health, the environment, and climate are intricately interconnected. Climate change already has a profound effect on these relationships. To effectively investigate and understand, we need to link and analyse complex meteorological, environmental, and epidemiological data; MEDMI provides the platform to accomplish this. This is a vital step to translate this data and analysis resource into epidemiologic, clinical, and commercial collaborative applications, and thus, improved human health and wellbeing in a rapidly changing environment.


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Research Area: 
Natural hazards & extreme weather events
Pathogens & natural aquatic toxins
Urban ecosystems
Health and wellbeing