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I am a rural practice chartered surveyor and agricultural valuer working with a number of clients and professional interest groups in the practical development of an ecosystems approach to the valuation and management of rural land.  I am particularly interested in the development of practical approaches to the valuation and management of ecosystem services within the routine professional practice of rural valuers and estate managers.  In recent years I have worked with South West Water, Devon Wildlife Trust, the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), the National Trust and the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers on various topics.  I would therefore be very interested to assist with any projects or placements which would help to develop our understanding in these areas.  This may be in a brokerage role, provision of expert insight into existing land management and valuation practices or in the communication of results and findings to a rural professional audience.  A flavour of some of my work can be seen from my blog site:  

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Natural hazards & extreme weather events
Pathogens & natural aquatic toxins
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