New research shows UK parks and green spaces generate over £34 billion of health and wellbeing benefits

New research from Fields in Trust suggests that parks and green spaces across the United Kingdom provide people with over £34 billion of health and wellbeing benefits. 

Headline Findings

  • The Total Economic Value to an individual is £30.24 PER YEAR (£2.52 per month), and includes benefits gained from using their local park or green space and non-use benefits such as the preservation of parks for future generations.
  • The Wellbeing Value associated with the frequent use of local parks and green spaces is worth £34.2 BILLION PER YEAR to the entire UK adult population.
  • Parks and green spaces are estimated to save the NHS around £111 MILLION PER YEAR based solely on a reduction in GP visits and excluding any additional savings from prescribing or referrals.

The full report Revaluing Parks and Green Spaces and a Summary are available to download from the Fields in Trust

A BBC article is available here