New report: Natural Capital Committee advice on government’s 25 year environment plan

The Natural Capital Committee (NCC) has recently published a report Advice to Government on the 25 Year Environment Plan which sets out the NCC advice to government on the development and implementation of the 25 year environment plan.

It includes the NCC thoughts on what the plan should aim to achieve, how it will do that and what success will look like.

The  advice is in five parts:

1. What should be the vision, ambition and goals for the next 25 years?
2. What type and scale of activities and investments in natural capital assets should the Plan consider to deliver the ambition?
3. The need to incorporate milestones into the Plan.
4. The importance of considering governance, accountability, monitoring, measurement and implementation.
5. The special dimensions of agricultural subsidies in the context of BREXIT.

Link to report