New Publications

The Demystifying Series Grows

The Valuing Nature Programme is pleased to announce the publication of new set of Demystifying reports in time for the Annual Conference 2019.

The reports cover topics ranging from health metrics to social and shared values, the value of arts and arts research to cost-benefit analysis and green finance. 

Carrying on the tradition of the Demystifying reports previously published (Health and Economic Valuation), these reports have focussed on the user.

Some of the reports are collaboratively developed and others, by experts.

So go ahead and have a read

Reviewing Land Allocation Models

The final report by the University of Aberdeens, Dali Rani Nayak and Pete Smith review commonly used land allocation models against their capability to meet key user needs.  See more here or download the report here

This work was supported by the Valuing Nature programme and funded by the Landscape Decisions: Towards a new framework for using land assets programme