Launch of new podcast 'Join the Dots' about people and the planet

Join the Dots – New podcast launches on 19th October

The everyday choices we make have implications for the planet, our health and our pockets - these decisions can be complex; sometimes overwhelmingly so.

We are three women, an economist, a scientist and a policy advisor, who think it’s possible to make the complex relevant while having fun piecing the pros and cons together.

Welcome to our Join the Dots podcast!

What is different about this podcast?

In each episode, we will cover an everyday choice, reviewing the evidence and sharing our fascination with the associated science and economics in a fun and relevant discussion, aimed to help listeners make their own informed choices.

We have three episodes for our launch on 19th October:

  • COVID 19 personal protective equipment (PPE) – what to use how based on risk assessment evidence, costs and benefits
  • Hygiene products from nappies to incontinence pants via period products. We’ve timed it to be part of ‘Enviromenstrual Week 2020’ by Women’s Environment Network
  • Heat pumps and other ways to heat our homes this winter – focusing on that mysterious new technology that will reduce carbon emissions but not many can (yet) install

We invite expert guests to share their knowledge and bring together our own complementary experiences to help listeners work out their own route to a cleaner, greener future.

We promise to

  • Help you explore the trade-offs inherent in the choices you make
  • Share decades of experience from a multitude of disciplines and sectors - we like dabbling in a variety of topics
  • Never sell you any products or tell you what to do; instead, we’ll help you make the choices that are right for you
  • Share research with you on the webpage for each episode so you can read more if you want to
  • Welcome your questions and topic suggestions  

Those who’ve listened to us so far say it’s like having your (admittedly nerdy) friends around for a chat and a laugh and finding yourself thinking differently about things. We hope you join us through your favourite podcast provider. For more information and the topics you’d like us to cover, please contact us (details below).

We are Ece, an environmental economist; Sabine, a marine geochemist and environmental scientist and Jill, an expert in climate and energy policy. We bring our very different perspectives to our chats… joining the dots, and are keen to help listeners feel well informed about every day decisions. (Fuller bios are below)

Ece: “I’ve written hundreds of reports to make an economic case for looking after the environment. Now I want to talk. Yes, natural environment is complex but we don’t all have to be experts to explore the implications of what we buy, what we campaign for, or who we vote for.”

Sabine: “I’ve spent decades trying to figure out how to make science more relevant to decision-making, by government, industry, and individuals. The challenge, and what I enjoy, is translating scientific evidence of impacts and benefits into those things that people care about. Not to guilt people into choices, but to empower them into making informed ones.”

Jill: “I’m always impressed by how much I learn from talking to friends.  I often change what I do, what I spend my money on (or not).  I wanted us to bring that wealth of knowledge and expertise to a broader group - so more of us can benefit - and change (or not) the choices we make.”