Demystifying Health Metrics

Invitation to Researchers to contribute to development of the Valuing Nature Demystifying Health Metrics report.

In June 2019 a team led by Mat White from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH), University of Exeter Medical School, were successful in their bid to develop a ‘Demystifying Health Metrics’ publication for the Valuing Nature Programme Coordination Team. 

This Health Metrics document will provide an overview to using measures of health & wellbeing to demonstrate the value of the natural environment for human health & wellbeing.  The report is intended as an introduction for a broad audience of researchers and users of research, who are not specialists in Health Metrics. 

Contributor Group

One important aspect of the project is to engage the wider community in the process in order to better understand the target audience(s) and their ‘demystifying health metrics’ requirements. To achieve this, we invite interested parties from the Valuing Nature community to complete a short survey here:


Demystifying health metrics survey


For those interested in contributing to the Valuing Nature Demystifying Health Metrics document further there will be opportunities over the next months to take part in the co-development of the paper and resource by reviewing and commenting upon an initial draft version of the paper.


You are welcome to contribute as much as you feel you can and can withdraw at any point and all contributions will be acknowledged on the Demystifying Health Metrics paper.

Background to the Health Metrics paper

The co-produced document will demystify ‘Health Metrics’. The paper will have sections which will synthesise and integrate knowledge and understanding from multiple disciplinary perspectives and will be informed by the expertise of stakeholders from policy, practice and academic sectors. It will provide a simple but practical guide to what Health Metrics are, clarifying how they are developed, selected and applied for different purposes, and how they are, or could be used to guide decision making. The paper will signpost resources with more detailed guidance on the use of Health Metrics. Complementing the paper will be a database of exemplar Health Metrics for use across the community. The paper is currently being written for a general audience.

If you have any queries, please contact