Demystifying Green Finance

Valuing Nature is developing a Demystifying Green Finance publication to introduce the key concepts, principles and terminology of finance and green finance (with a focus on nature / natural capital). It will be written for the benefit of environmental, social and economics researchers so that they have a better understanding of what makes ‘green’ projects ‘investible’.

It is also our intention to help make research evidence more accessible to finance professionals so that they can have better knowledge of the impact of their investments in nature.

So far, the paper is intended to cover types of investment, different types of investors and others in the world of finance, understanding and communicating risk and return. It will also provide a list of current initiatives and reading list.

The Demystifying Series includes:


  • Economic Valuation      
  • Health                              

In preparation

  • Green finance
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Role of Arts
  • Tipping Points
  • Health & Wellbeing Metrics

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