Business Impact School 2017 - early career researchers

The School provided fully-funded places for 25 researchers who all gave presentations focused on the business impact of their current research activities.  All the presentations from the participants may be viewed via the links below together with a number of individual blogs:

Tomas Badura - CSERGE, University of East Anglia  
Desperately Seeking Space for Nature: an interdisciplinary spatial analysis of biodiversity in changing landscape   

Francesca Baylis - Royal Holloway University of London
Producing “Greener” Better Sports Turf Through Soil Microbial Management Presentation  

Yvonne Black - Centre for Systems Studies, University of Hull 
The connections between urban green spaces and health and wellbeing  

Boris Bongalov - University of Cambridge 
Studying Tropical Forests up from the Skies 

Robert Collier - University of Southampton 
Peatland carbon accumulation: can palaeoenvironmental investigations promote sound ecosystem management? 

Gemma Delafield - University of Exeter 
Optimal spatial design of energy policies considering environmental impacts 

Marta Giannichi - University of Leeds School of Geography 
Empirical and spatial analysis of tradable permits in private forest conservation 

Catherine Gutmann Roberts - Bournemouth University 
Population ecology and behaviour of European barbel Barbus barbus, a recreationally important, translocated fish  
Blog - The world. Our world. My world.  Blog - The Water Cycle.

Adam Kennerley - University of East Anglia 
Jellyfish Bloom Risk and Management Implication in Northern Europe 

Matluba Khan - University of Edinburgh 
Environment, Engagement and Education: Investigating the relationship between primary school grounds and children’s learning: a case study from Bangladesh

Phoebe Maund - UCL/ Brunel University 
The Environment, the epigenome and us 

Eileen Mitchell - Queen's University 
Eating habits, obesity, physical activity: behavioural economics and discrete choice experiments 
Blog - First Business Impact School Blog!

Polly Moseley - Liverpool John Moores University 
Operationalising Natural Capital to Inform Decision-Making in Business 

Kathryn A O'Shaughnessy    Plymouth University 
The World Harbour Project and eco-engineering of coastal infrastructure: a design for life  
Blog - Dabbling in others’ projects and interests.

Jack Parsons - Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford 
Thesis Title: Regulation of Root Attachment in Rhizobium 

Xavier Pierron - University of Southampton / Coventry Business School 
Using Behavioural Economics to exploit Distinct Urban Mines

Richard Randle-Boggis - Lancaster University 
SPIES: Solar Park Impacts on Ecosystem Services 

Thomas Smith - University of Leeds 
Why are businesses involved in biodiversity? 

Lauriane Suyin Chalmin-Pui - University of Sheffield & the Royal Horticultural Society 
Do front garden landscapes influence health and well-being? 

Alexa Varah - ZSL - Institute of Zoology 
Why are businesses involved in biodiversity?  

George Vittis - University of Reading, School of Agriculture Policy and Development 
Spatial components of sustainability in UK beef and sheep farming  
Blog - Thoughts on the VN Business Impact School.

Samuel Wharton - University of Leicester 
Energy Flow in the Magnetosphere  Blog - Not just a business school, but a school of ideas!

Likun Yang - Cardiff University 
Design Method of Ecological Sustainability for Abandoned Industrial Buildings (in Northern China) 

Nicola Yeo - University of Exeter & European Centre for Environment and Human Health 
Virtual bluespace for health & wellbeing 

Marios Zachariou - Queen's University Belfast 
Valuing the health benefits of green infrastructure improvements for making life better at Musgrave Park Hospital