Thoughts on the VN Business Impact school

During my participation to the Business Impact school (BIS) I had the chance to expand my knowledge regarding issues of nature evaluation as well as meet specialised professionals and PhD students.

Regarding the latter, I found very useful the interdisciplinary mixture of students that were participating in the BIS. This allowed us as participants to interact through different ways of thinking and approaching nature aspects. In addition, this contributed in broadening our scopes in this particular research area and gain a more holistic view of valuing nature within ecological, biological, economic, geographic and other disciplines.

On the other hand, a series of presentations were given by experts from corporate environments, planning and policy making as well as nature conservation organisations. This allowed me to understand the significance of assigning monetary and non-monetary value to physical environment and the ways that this can enable sustainable development. Several challenges seem to emerge from this process the most significant of which regards implementing corporate incentives to the theory of sustainable development.

The last day of BIS included a field trip at Windsor Great Park and the Crown estate. This provided us with a valuable perspective: that of seeing beyond technicalities and understanding the importance of social as well as cultural value that the ecosystems have. In conclusion, I would describe BIS as an extremely useful experience as well as tool for gaining further understanding and knowledge regarding valuing nature and sustainable development.