Valuing Nature Annual Conference 2018 - Outputs

Welcome from the National Museum of Wales - Richard Bevins, National Museum of Wales

Welcome to the Valuing Nature Annual Conference 2018 
Rosie Hails, National Trust  -  Valuing Nature Programme Coordination Team

Keynote: The value of nature and the nature of value: revisiting the principles 
Ian Hodge, University of Cambridge

Session B

B1: Applying Nature Based Solutions                

B2: Global Challenges and Valuing Nature                    

B3: Agricultural Land Use Post Brexit                          

B4: Valuation Tools and Approaches in Practice     

Session C

C1: Valuing Nature for Marine & Coastal Decisions                            

C2: Demystifying Health & Health Metrics                                                               

C3: Valuing the Arts in Valuing Nature - Part 1                                                        

C4: Informing Decisions                                                                                

Session D

D1: Investing in Natural Capital                                           

D2: Green & Blue Spaces for Health & Wellbeing                                                     

D3: Valuing the Arts in Valuing Nature - Part 2                                                    

D4: Public and Shared Values for Nature                 




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