Valuing Nature Annual Conference 2018 - Tours: Behind the scenes at Cardiff Museum

Tour 1: Molluscs, Mammon, and Millionaires

Ben Rowson

Molluscs have been collected, exploited, and battled against throughout history. We explain the many ways in which we make use of one of the UK’s most important natural history collections



Tour 2: Fossils for Wellbeing

Cindy Howells

Fossils in museum collections can be used to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds with their fascinating stories of past times and environments. The ability to hold something that lived hundreds of millions of years ago offers an unforgettable and uplifting experience.



Tour 3: Plants for health, sustenance, craft and industry

Poppy Nicol and Heather Pardoe

A tour of the economic botany collection and the herbarium of the National Museum Wales, examining how the collections can further societal understanding and valuing of biodiversity and promote well-being.


Tour 4: Where art meets science; the role of the botanical artist to record newly discovered plants

Heather Pardoe

Over the last 250 years botanical artists have played a crucial part in recording exotic new plants found in remote regions of the world.  The superb collection of botanical illustrations held by National Museum Wales illustrates how new species were made accessible to British plant enthusiasts and those seeking new sources of raw materials.