D3: Valuing the Arts in Valuing Nature - Part 2

A two-part session exploring the role of the arts within the remits of valuing nature research. 

Reflecting upon key messages / questions originating from the ‘AALERT - Arts and the Artist in Landscape and Environmental Research Today’ initiative and considering wider approaches to artistic research, this session reflects on what, and how, art can contribute to environmental research. The session will further discuss the development of a ‘demystifying the arts’ note.

Introduction: context and critical questions
Eirini Saratsi, University of Reading and David Edwards, Forestry Commission

Introduction to three case studies

  • Greenhouse Britain - HM Harrison; N. Harrison - (2007-2009) by Chris Fremantle
  • Sounding coastal change/Listening to Climate Change - G. Revill (2016) by Ewan Allinson
  • The Listening Stick - S.Stenton and J. Nakazato (2015-19) by Eirini Saratsi

Group discussion of case studies and feedback

Implications and next steps for AALERT

Led by the AALERT team