C1: Valuing Nature for Marine & Coastal Decisions

Bringing together new research findings, insight into the changing policy landscape and lessons from practical projects that recognise the huge public interest in marine and coastal environments.

Jonathan Porter, Countryscape  –  Valuing Nature Programme Coordination Team

Exploring intangible values associated with saltmarshes & their relation to human health & wellbeing
Erin Roberts, Cardiff University  -  Valuing  Nature CoastWEB project

Revealing values at the coast: narratives from socio-economically deprived areas
Cheryl Willis, Natural England

Using Q-sort methodology to understand plurality in social values & interests around a Marine Conservation Zone in North Norfolk
Carole White, University of East Anglia

A global review of the ecosystem services provided by bivalve aquaculture
Andrew van der Schatte Olivier, Bangor University

The Marine Pioneer: Testing Approaches for the 25 Year Environment Plan in Suffolk & North Devon
Aisling Lannin, Marine Management Organisation

Natural Capital Assessment Tools for the North Devon Marine Pioneer
Sian Rees, University of Plymouth