Cultural Ecosystem Services: Exploring Frontiers in theory and practice

The Valuing Nature Programme (VNP) are co-hosting a special session on Cultural Ecosystem Services (CES) at the 11th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics. The event is being held at the University of Leeds, UK on 30 June - 3 July 2015. The convenors are Jasper Kenter, a Valuing Nature Network researcher who co-led on ‘BRIDGE: bridging the gap between the supply of and demand for valuation evidence’ and Robert Fish of the VNP co-ordinating team.

The session is considering the substantial potential of CES to act as a tool to bridge environmental, social, economic and cultural research communities, to foster new conceptual links, and to help address real-world problems around managing the environment. There is however significant debate on how CES should be conceptualised and assessed. The aim of this session is to engage with these ontological, axiomatic and epistemological dialectics and provide a platform to bring together a broad array of CES research, exploring both theoretical and methodological innovations in the field and allowing for a substantial discussion period to evaluate approaches, aiming at generating linkages and integration.

Register for the conference on the European Society for Ecological Economics website.