Scotland Policy Conference seminar: Next steps for enhancing natural capital and biodiversity in Scotland

Wednesday, 1st March 2017


Full details on the Scotland Policy Conferences website here.

Guest of Honour: Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, The Scottish Government

With the latest Progress Report on the Scottish Government’s Biodiversity Strategy expected to be published in early 2017, this seminar will provide a timely opportunity for policymakers and other key stakeholders to consider the future policy priorities for biodiversity and natural capital.

Delegates will discuss the findings of the report and the next steps for reversing the decline of biodiversity in Scotland, including how local authorities can best engage with other stakeholders - such as conservation groups and landowners - when drafting Local Biodiversity Action Plans.

Further sessions will examine both how Scotland can use its natural capital to promote sustainable economic growth, in advance of the devolution of powers over forestry and the Crown Estate to theScottish Government, and priorities for developing the wider benefits of natural capital in terms of health and wellbeing, placemaking and community engagement.

Those taking part will include members of the Scottish Government and Parliament together with a range of key stakeholders including local authorities, landowners, conservation and environmental groups, academics, lawyers and the wider business community.