Demystifying series

The Valuing Nature Programme is creating a ‘Demystifying…’ series bringing together experts to explain the key concepts that might cause confusion in the wider Valuing Nature community, and agree on principles of good practice. 

The Demystifying Series includes:


  • Economic Valuation      
  • Health                              

In preparation

  • Green finance
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Role of Arts
  • Tipping Points
  • Health Metrics


Abstract Summaries 

Demystifying Economic Valuation

This paper brought together volunteers from the economic valuation community to agree on a principles paper that can be used to communicate with other disciplines and the users of the economic value evidence.

Over 120 volunteers from the economic valuation community were involved in preparing the paper which demystifies the main issues, questions and principles surrounding economic valuation and is designed as an overview for those new to economic valuation.

Link to Demystifying Economic Valuation paper.


Demystifying Health

This report in the Demystifying Series on Health from the Valuing Nature Programme discusses the contested and complex concept of ‘health’ reflecting on the many different definitions and conceptualisations. 

A group of 80 contributors provided input to the community report which was led by Rebecca Lovell, European Centre for Environment and Human Health, University of Exeter Medical School.

Link to Demystifying Health paper


Demystifying Green Finance

Valuing Nature is developing a Demystifying Green Finance
publication to introduce the key concepts, principles and terminology of finance and green finance (with a focus on nature / natural capital). It will be written for the benefit of environmental, social and economics researchers so that they have a better understanding of what makes ‘green’ projects ‘investible’.

Link to Demystifying Green Finance paper information